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The fastest way to get a driver’s license!

We train candidates for categories A1, A, B, C1, C, E, And we also have our own classroom for theoretical instruction. The success rate is very high, thanks to the professional staff and the conditions provided to the students.

When enrolling, the candidate should have an ID card and a medical certificate for the category he / she wants to take. In a contract that has to be signed, the Driving School undertakes  to train according to the chosen curriculum and to provide the candidate with maximum service. The applicant undertakes to fulfill his payment obligations on time. The candidate is provided with adequate literature to save the theoretical part of the training and first aid.

Great instructors

Our licensed instructors with years of experience are a mirror of our company.

Reliable vehicles

Our rolling stock is regularly updated and maintained and we are very easily recognizable on the streets.

Flexible appointments

We adapt to your needs and start driving from a location that suits you.

Theoretical teaching

We pay particular attention to theoretical instruction in a classroom adapted to these needs.

+387 (0) 53 430 402
In case you have any request or need for any of our services, please contact us and we will offer you the best solution.

Stenjak 28a, 74270 Teslić

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+387 (0) 53 430 402

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