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We care about the transport

Ivanic Transport offers all types of transport through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe.

Fast delivery

We guarantee delivery of the goods within the agreed time.

Secure transfer

We pay special attention to the importance of your goods.

24/7 support

We believe that shipping information about your goods is very important to you.

Logistics services

Ideal and cost-effective logistics solutions.

Do you drive a technically correct vehicle – check it out!

Our skilled and motivated team provide high quality and fast vehicle inspection service.

Regular technical inspection

Extraordinary technical inspection

Preventive technical inspection

Determination of technical and exploitation conditions

32 years with you

IVANIC Ltd. is a private company owned by Ivanic’s family, founded and licensed in 1987 with headquarters in Teslic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Stenjak 28a., and a company in Koper (Slovenia) Beblerjeva 14.

  • we offer you quality
  • behind us are successful projects
  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • there is a guarantee for everything
years of existence
satisfied customers


superior services of handwashing and cleaning of cars and vans

Among the three types of external washing, we also provide a car engine wash service and vehicle internal cleaning.

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the vulcanization provides services of assembly, dismantling, balancing, repair of car and van tires and sale of all types of tires

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+387 (0) 53 430 402
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Stenjak 28a, 74270 Teslić

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+387 (0) 53 430 402

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